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This year we celebrate 150 years of great Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla's birth. "Well, Nikola Tesla invented flourescent light. Without him we wouldn't have Alternating Current, radio, television, X-ray technology, induction motors, particle beams, lasers... None of that wouldn't even exist if it were not for him... Tesla was a true genious. If we would've pay more attention to his ideas, the world would be a much better place. We'd have free mass communication, free transportation, free energy for everyone. That's why they discredited him in the end." Jack, White Stripes from Jim Jarmush's "Coffee and Cigarettes"

Poultry Platoon

Name: John A.K.A: Supermighty John Latin: Leucocephalus Tabula Raza Rank: Sergeant Diet: Burgers and soda Habitat: Vast and proud territories of North America Behavior: Primarily dominating, physically terminating, despise old eurotrash, red curse and chickens, specially male ones. Name: Francois A.K.A: Male chicken Latin: Gallus hedonicus Rank: Soldier Diet: Cheese, wine and... chicks Habitat: Southwestern Europe Behavior: Strongly hedonistic, playboy, proud of his history and tradition, avoids violent conflicts, anti-supermighty, shares united habitats with Hans Name: Hans A.K.A: Superego Latin: √úberavis Rank: Doctor... for body and mind Diet: Wurst and lager Habitat: Continental and northern Europe Behavior: Extremely analytical and precise. Convinced that he's the MVP, yet, for some reason, not shouting about it. Sharing the same