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Events Concept Art

Creating concept illustrations for an event is an interesting thing. Events take place at the existing venues, therefore a photo or even a 3D model of the space already exists. What's needed is an exciting painted overlay. It is almost like painting 3D white boxes into something believable, if not realistic. Actually believable is far more exciting than realistic. Here is an example of a series of illustrations for an event, with the raw photos and the painted overlay.  


I drew this tortoise in a very graphic style while back for the American Zoos and Aquariums project. Recently, I revisited the artwork and added a bit more texture and details...  

Art of Vancouver Olympic Opening

Work on the Olympic Opening Ceremony has been one of a kind experience. The volume of work on each member of the team has been massive, the formats are on mega scale and the level of quality of work so high... My role in the production was related to informing and visualizing, sometimes producing, content for the massive projections across the stadium. Variety of moodboards, storyboards, design references, motion references, painting styles etc... It is hard to find larger canvas to paint on. Here are just a few images from few segments in the Cultural part of the show.   (more…)

2010 Victory Ceremonies

In early 2009 I created a set of photoshop illustrations to describe daily medal ceremonies from BC Place. Overview of the stages and the lower and upper seating bowl. (more…)

2010 Cauldron

Cauldron is always the best kept secret during the preparation of the Olympic Ceremonies. Hopefully.. Here is the concept illustration... (more…)

Conservation Lab

BC Hydro Power Smart wanted to create engaging traveling exhibit - Conservation Lab, including a video and an interactive component, to promote energy conservation. Exhibit space was limited within the traveling trailer, where 3 screens were placed on a wall surrounded by black light painted energy waves. The audience followed the 5 minute animation/video and after that used 3 button controller in front of them to participate in the quiz game. Big task was to come up with iconic character design that can lead the show. NRG is a cute light bulb kind of creature with his face in a display (suggesting

Calgary Stampede

Concept illustrations for Calgary Stampede masterplan. This project was lead by ex-Disney Imagineer Jan Sircus, my creative director at the time. Among other parts, I had chance to design and paint this iconic bronze sculpture for the site. Since I have also painted the whole site, I have had chance to design some architectural details as well.