Feathered Affairs webcomics

This Monday I have launched the new web comic called Feathered Affairs, satirical take on foreign affairs, current affairs, politics, economy, sports and (international) life in general. Some of you might remember that I have worked on a similar comic – United Poultry. This time I partnered with Vancouver based Rob Weber, who writes and …

Characters Overview

A  brief overview of various character designs that I have produced for games, films, attractions and personal projects. To drill into individual projects please check the Characters section of the Portfolio.


I created Droppy character to spice up a computer interactive about water stewardship at Bow Habitat Station in Calgary. I wanted to create a simple personification of the clean water that kids can empathize with.

Fred and Flo

Fred and Flo are characters created for the Francophone dept at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, with the purpose of being social networks avatars for the dept. Final designs

AZA characters

American Zoo and Aquarium Association developed an educational website for kids that included interactive comic book. I got the task of developing dozens of characters, animals and the environments that kids can drag and drop into their own comic strip. Here are few of the characters. More characters from the same project…

Conservation Lab

BC Hydro Power Smart wanted to create engaging traveling exhibit – Conservation Lab, including a video and an interactive component, to promote energy conservation. Exhibit space was limited within the traveling trailer, where 3 screens were placed on a wall surrounded by black light painted energy waves. The audience followed the 5 minute animation/video and after …


John is a character from my own United Poultry platoon comics – an american, sort of militaristic, eagle

Historical outfits

These are a few characters from a life size set that I did for Alberta based interpretive centre. Timeline describes the eras when any given characters lived in.