Feathered Affairs webcomics

This Monday I have launched the new web comic called Feathered Affairs, satirical take on foreign affairs, current affairs, politics, economy, sports and (international) life in general. Some of you might remember that I have worked on a similar comic - United Poultry. This time I partnered with Vancouver based Rob Weber, who writes and tweets, we refreshed the characters and added few more, like northern north-american Jay and east-asian Ming. The comics will be published daily, you can follow it on, through RSS feed, as well as @featheredtree tweets. In addition, in the next few months the birds

Facts of (Sheep) Life

Being green and connecting back to nature is all sweet and cute but serious approach require some serious knowledge of the world that surrounds us. Lack of it can pose a treat to an individual who would confront a wild or even domestic animal. The animated series Facts of (Sheep) Life is here to help. It is focused on a small segment of nature and provides essential facts about life of a fascinating creature - sheep. Yes, we all know that sheep inhabit the ground and that they are stupid and that they consume grass, but how, when, and where those

United Poultry sign off

I had been drawing United Poultry comics for almost 2 years, and for various reasons stopped 2 years ago.  At this point I am not planning to continue to work more on the comics in this form, but there might be something slightly different in the future. In the meantime, if you are new to the Poultry, you can read the existing strips starting with the character description.

Quotes VI

"We'll follow terrorists everywhere. Should we catch them in a shithouse, we'll kill them in a shithouse." "Russia doesn't negotiate with terrorists. It destroys them." Vladimir Putin "Nemtsov, what are you doing hanging around doing nothing as usual? Go and get yourself a gun." Boris Yeltsin