Feathered Affairs webcomics

This Monday I have launched the new web comic called Feathered Affairs, satirical take on foreign affairs, current affairs, politics, economy, sports and (international) life in general. Some of you might remember that I have worked on a similar comic – United Poultry. This time I partnered with Vancouver based Rob Weber, who writes and tweets, we refreshed the characters and added few more, like northern north-american Jay and east-asian Ming.

The comics will be published daily, you can follow it on featheredaffairs.com, through RSS feed www.featheredaffairs.com/feed, as well as @featheredtree tweets. In addition, in the next few months the birds will be tweeting daily satirical comments on the current affairs. You can follow those through @featheredtree, as well or through individual characters twitter handles that you can find here featheredaffairs.com/characters

It is easy to share every comic strip, tweet or blog, they all have Share buttons for Twitter, Facebook as well as “+” button that allow sharing via 200+ other platforms. If you like any of the posts, please share it with your circle of friends.

All constructive criticism is more than welcome, propaganda even more!