Water package concept

Package concept for upscale spring water. Rendered in Photoshop. First Nations’ designs are quick and free interpretation of West Coast First Nations art, that was eventually supposed to be replaced with more authentic designs. Unfortunately, this is a non realized project so the designs are not completed.

Conservation Lab

BC Hydro Power Smart wanted to create engaging traveling exhibit – Conservation Lab, including a video and an interactive component, to promote energy conservation. Exhibit space was limited within the traveling trailer, where 3 screens were placed on a wall surrounded by black light painted energy waves. The audience followed the 5 minute animation/video and after …


John is a character from my own United Poultry platoon comics – an american, sort of militaristic, eagle

Calgary Stampede

Concept illustrations for Calgary Stampede masterplan. This project was lead by ex-Disney Imagineer Jan Sircus, my creative director at the time. Among other parts, I had chance to design and paint this iconic bronze sculpture for the site. Since I have also painted the whole site, I have had chance to design some architectural details …

Historical outfits

These are a few characters from a life size set that I did for Alberta based interpretive centre. Timeline describes the eras when any given characters lived in.