If you re not a washing machine or a cuckoo clock – in other words, if you are alive, something deep in your soul likes certain measure of randomness and disorder

Nassim Taleb

I believe that randomness is what we as humans thrive on, consciously or subconsciously. Randomness with underlying patterns of course, patterns that are simple, recognizable and easy to modify, and where minor modification leads to a major change in the final output.

Therefore, over the years I have tried to create design and projects that are complex yet simple, setting up some initial signature rules, using either computers or humans to create randomness and provide some nurturing of the system in the subsequent itterations. Although this might sound very abstract, the use and result might be very recognizable and practical. In terms of tools or media, this might be applied in the context of digital paintings to the creation of a photoshop brush that can enable faster rendering of natural materials or give an inspiration for fantasy designs. Or a creation of particle systems in motion graphic design where a nature of a single particle and the way it is replicated and moves in the swarm can communicate certain emotions or stories. Or a creation of online community where people themselves provide randomization and where, with a certain amount of system nurturing, the whole (project) becomes much bigger than sum of its parts.

Finally, since my current primary interest is in nurturing brand(s), lot of the thinking above I try to apply to all manifestation of the brand I am serving. These days brands are not just logos and colours, but all the complex manifestations of the brand culture and products/services where the brand visual elements serve as an identifier and a reminder of the true essence of the brand itself.

Over the past 20 years I have worked on visual media and experience designs for virtual, online and physical spaces, merging the three in seamless experience. I was part of design teams that delivered a number of themed attractions and exhibits around the world including Canadian Pavilion at EXPO 2005, BC Canada House at Torino Olympics, Al Khobar Science Centre, the biggest science centre in the Middle East. Before joining iQmetrix, where I currently serve as a creative director, I worked with DAE-VANOC core design team that delivered Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremonies.

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