Wellpepper branding

Brand development for software startup Wellpepper. Wellpepper makes medical apps that encourage patients to do their physiotherapy exercises, therefore improving significantly the therapy itself. So, it somewhat “gives your health a kick” by constantly nudging patients, similar to what a dog would do dragging the owner outside.

That was the main idea that I tried to stylize into the brand visuals. Working with Wellpepper we identified Jack Russell terrier as a good candidate for the leading role and after a few iterations I came up with the above solution. Seems like the iconography worked well for the team, since they have gotten a lot of comments about the dog at the shows and presentations they had.

[blockquote style=”” outline=”false” author=”Anne Weiler, Co-founder and CEO Wellpepper”] We’ve found the dog to be very effective in starting conversations. We also wanted something that would appeal to the end user rather than the typical medical clinical branding. [/blockquote]