At iQmetrix annual user Summit this year we had privilege and honour to host Magic Johnson as our keynote speaker. Yes, that Magic, the Magic himself, one of the best basketball players ever and my childhood basketball hero. On top of that, these days Magic is very successful businessman, a reason more to have him deliver a keynote for our audience.

Needless to say how pumped up I was to create materials for Magic at the Summit promotional material and other collateral for the event. Here are some of the graphics. I have used some photos from the internet as a base, but deconstructed them and rebuilt them again in a way that is close to iQmetrix brand elements and the event theme. It turned out that Magic doesn’t have a slide deck for his keynotes, so we used these images for the backdrop for his stories. Nice bonus.

“But wait, there is more” I was offered an opportunity to be Magic’s wrangler for that morning, meaning welcoming him, showing him around and just hang out with him before his session has started. I have heard of rare breed of superstars that are just plain down to earth, for me this was a chance to meet one of them. We chatted about early 90’s Lakers team when Vlade Divac joined the team, when other ex-yu players Kukoc and  Radja joined Bulls and Celtics. About humble days and glory days. Such an awesome morning.