Facts of (Sheep) Life

Being green and connecting back to nature is all sweet and cute but serious approach require some serious knowledge of the world that surrounds us. Lack of it can pose a treat to an individual who would confront a wild or even domestic animal.

The animated series Facts of (Sheep) Life is here to help. It is focused on a small segment of nature and provides essential facts about life of a fascinating creature – sheep. Yes, we all know that sheep inhabit the ground and that they are stupid and that they consume grass, but how, when, and where those basic facts come into play and how they turn into magnificent wonders of the living world – you will find out from this footage, never before recorded and presented.

Connect back to nature – down to earth, grass consuming, stupid nature!


  1. :))) super

  2. Maya zeleni komarac

    draza mi je starija verzija, ali hvala na smehu i posle,najmanje, 4 godine 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. This is such an improvement. It is very professional and just with the right touch. It seems that you are adding small but significant touches of new animation style. Classy!

  4. Thanks AB. I wanted to redo the short in cleaner, more graphic look in order to produce a series of these – with other sheep characters. We’ll see how that will evolve… Done first two steps, redesign of the pilot and design of additional characters.