Poultry Platoon

Name: John
A.K.A: Supermighty John
Latin: Leucocephalus Tabula Raza
Rank: Sergeant
Diet: Burgers and soda
Habitat: Vast and proud territories of North America
Behavior: Primarily dominating, physically terminating, despise old eurotrash, red curse and chickens, specially male ones.

Name: Francois
A.K.A: Male chicken
Latin: Gallus hedonicus
Rank: Soldier
Diet: Cheese, wine and… chicks
Habitat: Southwestern Europe
Behavior: Strongly hedonistic, playboy, proud of his history and tradition, avoids violent conflicts, anti-supermighty, shares united habitats with Hans

Name: Hans
A.K.A: Superego
Latin: Ãœberavis
Rank: Doctor… for body and mind
Diet: Wurst and lager
Habitat: Continental and northern Europe
Behavior: Extremely analytical and precise. Convinced that he’s the MVP, yet, for some reason, not shouting about it. Sharing the same feeling with Francois about the supermighty, but subconsciously feel deep attraction to it… him.

Name: Vladimir
A.K.A: Spongy
Latin: Bicephalus liquidus
Rank: Soldier
Diet: Vodka and other %s
Habitat: Eastern Europe
Behavior: Magnetic attraction to alcohol, yet, capable of groundbreaking physical and intellectual achievements. When sober. Rarely.

Other Characters

Name: Ping and Pong
A.K.A: “Coldblooded Beasts”
Latin: Pinguis et Ponguis
Diet: Fish and (Smirnoff) Ice … on rocks
Habitat: Disappearing ice of southern hemisphere
Behaviour: Usually friendly and harmless creatures, but since their motherland has started melting away and they are forced to look for a new habitat, they seek for revenge against the polluters in a quite aggressive and militaristic manner… sort of…


  1. The character development is something that you are interested and that is obvious to see from your drawings. I find characters amazing, and the stories good.

    Composition is something that you have to decide to experiment. I would rather like to see some facial expressions/zoom in and out, combination of 3-5 squares which could be different sizes. Again, I don’t know how you feel about all this as you could be aiming to stay with strict 3 squares and create your approach to present a story. That could be something harder to do but very innovative.

    To help with examples it would be good to read some of the old school; Will Eisner comics (all just been reprinted-best work The Spirit) or even better Charles Schultz- Peanuts, and comedy flavor of Bill Watterson-Calvin & Hobbes (all collected and just been reprinted in 3 huge books).

    I am looking forward to see new characters and more comics of United Poultry Platoon.


  2. Thanks Aleks! Your comments are constructive and very helpfull. Creating characters is what I really enjoy the most 😉 In terms of composition and dynamic of the comics, I wanted to keep it minimalistic at first, before characters start to live. Looking forward to hear more from you! ciao